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Privacy Compliance

Privacy Statement

Pacific Guaranty Incorporation is strongly aware of the extreme importance of the personal information of its customers and employees and believes that the appropriate protection of this information is its social responsibility. Accordingly, the company handles any personal information entrusted to it by customers with meticulous care.

Privacy Policy

  1. Recognition of right to privacy
    The company respects the individual's right to privacy.
  2. Management and purpose of use of personal information
    The company will keep safe any personal information entrusted to it by customers and only use it for the agreed purpose.
    The company will also appropriately monitor the provision of personal information to third parties to ensure that this does not exceed the scope agreed by the customer or requests made on the basis of law or convention.
  3. Responsibility to keep personal information confidential
    The company promises not to reveal information that could identify an individual in public forums or equivalent places.
  4. Safety measures relating to personal information
    The company will keep personal information safe to prevent unauthorized access to personal information or the loss, damage, falsification, leakage, or other misuse of personal information, and will work to maintain, improve, and remedy security.
    When services such as facsimile, post, or courier are used, adequate care will be taken to confirm that the destination number or address is correct and that the material actually reaches its intended destination, and documents that are no longer required will be destroyed in a shredder.
    Management of the security of the company's building during the night time is entrusted to SECOM Co., Ltd.
  5. Role of management in protecting personal information
    The company will keep up to date with the latest laws, government directives and other conventions relating to the handling of personal information, and will comply with these.


  1. The company treats compliance with the law as a top priority. The company will observe the law by working to keep aware of the latest directives stipulated by law and other conventions, and to update and improve its internal rules accordingly.
    The company will also work continuously to improve its specialist knowledge and skills and take meticulous care in its role as a specialist to the extent that this is not to the detriment of its customers.
  2. The company is strongly aware that tax accountants and other existing specialists exist and that various laws including tax accountant law and tax law exist defining the scope of their work, and that for the company to intrude into that area of work would be a violation of the law.
  3. Section 52 of the tax accountant law states that "entities that are neither tax accountants nor tax accountant legal persons may not undertake tax accountant work except when permitted elsewhere in this law". All of the company's staff are strongly aware of this stipulation and work to establish good working relationships with tax accountants in a way that does not cross this boundary.
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