Assisting foreigners in JapanTaxRefund PG&CO. You may apply for a tax refund if you are giving financial support to your family in your home country


Words from Our Customers

Miss R (Filipino)

I had been married for four years when my husband suddenly died of cancer. At that time a friend introduced me to PG and I was able to apply for a tax refund in his stead. They were so helpful because I got refunded for four years' worth of taxes.

Mr. S (Japanese)

Several years ago I married a Filipino woman and remitted money to help her family in the Philippines. Last year I first heard about the so-called "tax refund" system. I never thought it would work, but I applied and got a refund. I sent this money to the Philippines too and helped them with their difficult living conditions. I wish I'd known about it sooner so I could have gotten refunds on earlier taxes I'd paid.

Mrs. A (Filipino)

I'm Filipino and married to a Japanese man. I'd heard many times from my Filipino friends that I could get a refund on my taxes, but at first I didn't believe them. I thought there was no way that I could get a tax refund on money I'd sent to help out my family living abroad! But after I consulted with this company and filed an application according to their staff's kind instructions, I actually got the money refunded! I guess I ought to trust my friends sometimes when I think they're lying or spreading rumors!

Mrs. N (Chinese)

I'm a Chinese resident in Japan. I've been remitting money to my parents living in China and relatives there who live under difficult circumstances ever since I started working in Japan. I didn't expect that doing this would make me eligible for a tax refund. In addition, this year PG&CO helped my Japanese husband apply for a refund and he was able to get his tax money back. Thank you so much for all your kind services and assistance.

Mr. K (Japanese)

I'm Japanese with a Russian wife. After hearing that I could get my tax money back by assisting my wife's family, I enlisted PG's help, albeit somewhat doubtfully. I was truly surprised when the money was actually deposited at my bank. I want to introduce my friends to this service, too.

Mr. J (Peruvian)

I was very happy to get a large sum refunded. With the money I was able to return to my homeland and have an easier life. The kind guidance of the PG staff helped me out. I am so very grateful!

Mr. V (Vietnamese)

I'm Vietnamese and I live in Japan. I came to send money back to my family in Vietnam, but I was surprised to learn I could get a refund for that. I want to tell all my friends who are supporting their families back in their homelands about this service. Thank you very much.

Mr. F (Thai)

Several years ago I came as a migrant worker for the sake of my parents and siblings in Thailand because there were no jobs in my country. By applying to receive a refund, I've come to feel that my hard work has been rewarded. With my refunded money I want to buy medicine for my mother, who is sick. I hope you can help me again.

Mr. U (Indonesian)

I'm from Indonesia and I live in Nagoya. I applied after being introduced by a friend. I didn't believe at first that it would work, but my payment would be taken out from the refund after being deposited, so I went ahead and ordered the service. The result was that I got a surprisingly bigger refund than I'd expected. I'm also thinking of also remitting this money for my Indonesian relatives.

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